Catering equipment salaries up for 70% of staff

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Readers of FEJ and Catering Insight appear to be feeling the uptick of the UK foodservice market in their pocket, with almost 70% revealing their basic salary has increased within the past year.

While the figure doesn’t distinguish between those that have gained pay increases from their current employers and those that have moved onto higher paid jobs elsewhere within the industry, it does suggest those recruiting are again prepared to offer greater financial incentives to reward or obtain good staff.

A further 10% of readers, meanwhile, said they had received a salary increase within the past two years.

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Just 12% indicated that their salary hadn’t improved in three years, while 3% claimed their salary has gone down this year.

The statistics are extracted after just two days of polling FEJ and Catering Insight readers in our exclusive Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey. More than 100 individuals have already completed the survey in just two days.

The full results of the survey will be published in the January edition of the magazine, and the data for each question will move during the coming two weeks as response continues to come in.


While the growth in basic wages suggests a willingness among industry companies to reward their staff, it isn’t stopping individuals from exploring the career opportunities available to them.

As we revealed yesterday, almost a third of FEJ and Catering Insight readers said they were actively planning to find a new job next year. With an additional 38% unsure whether they plan to move or not at this stage, it could be that complacency is an employers’ worst enemy.

The comprehensive Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey remains open and the data will become more and more valuable with the greatest number of people taking part.

“We urge everybody to get involved and not just leave it to others to provide the data that will be more and more valuable as the number of responses rises,” said Rob Corder, managing director of FEJ and Catering Insight.

No contact details or personal information are collected; the survey is 100% anonymous.


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