Catering industry branded one of the worst for work-life balance

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Four in 10 catering professionals claim they fail to achieve a good work-life balance, new research suggests.

Catering is ranked as one of the top five industries where workers struggle to manage their time in the way they would like to, with 41.7% admitting they don’t have a good work-life balance.

Only workers in customer services (46.4%), the wider hospitality sector (54.5%) and leisure and tourism (62.5%) rank worse, according to research from independent job site CV-Library.

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The survey investigated how 1,200 workers in various industries across the UK felt about their work-life balance and whether it affected their career decisions.

Some 61.1% of catering professionals claimed that they have actually left a job due to a poor work-life balance, a figure that was only exceeded by the social care (62.2%) and legal (66.7%) professions.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said: “Achieving a reasonable work-life balance nowadays is certainly challenging, especially if your employer is piling on the pressure and technology is enabling you to work from anywhere, at any time.

“Having a poor work-life balance is simply not sustainable. Even if you love your job, it will impact your ability to do it well and eventually something will have to give.”

Last year CV-Library released data that suggested 43% of workers in the catering industry ‘dislike’ their current job, with ‘not being in the role they want’ listed as the main reason (77%).

Other reasons for their unhappiness included feeling undervalued (54%), bored (39%), underpaid (39%) and having no room for progression (38%).

Top 10 industries where professionals dislike their jobs the most in the UK

Legal: 50%
Automotive: 46.2%
Recruitment: 46%
Engineering: 45%
Catering: 43%
Retail: 43%
Construction: 38.2%
IT: 37%
Manufacturing: 37%
Marketing: 32%

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