Catering installer writes book telling restaurants everything they need to know about dishwashers

Clean Dishes, Clear Profits

The managing director of a commercial dishwasher installer has published a book that aims to provide restaurants with everything they need to know about maximising profit through their warewashing systems.  

Richard Hose, who has worked in the industry for 20 years and runs Motherwell-based Intellico Dishwashers & Glasswashers, has spent three years writing ‘Clean Dishes, Clear Profits’, which is available in paperback on Amazon for £12.99 or as a Kindle edition.

Mr Hose said he was inspired to write the book to provide restaurant owners with information on why certain circumstances occur in the warewashing side of the industry, especially as the cleanliness of an establishment can make or break a reputation.

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“There seemed to be a general lack of information in our industry around commercial dishwashers and glasswashers unless you approached a manufacturer,” he told FEJ.

“Even when doing so, you could only find out what their product offerings were and not much more about the real practical advantages of these machines. I couldn’t find very much literature on the subject and so decided to share what I’d learnt during my time in the industry.”

Mr Hose began working on the concept in 2017, although he describes the first draft as a “mind dump” of all his knowledge. The breakthrough came when he created a “5-step methodology” based on the processes his own business goes through with clients and approached a publisher that specialises in working with entrepreneurs.

“I’d come across them at a business accelerator in London and loved how they work. They have a very different business model for publishing whereby if you have a message and value to bring to your industry, then they will help you to get your message out there. They were a great help and they advised to start with your contents page and work the format of the book out from there.”

Mr Hose said that seeing the ideas he had in his head come alive on paper was a “rewarding experience” and he used the motivation that professional kitchens would benefit from the information contained in the book to help him through the more difficult writing periods he faced.

The book reached the Amazon #1 bestseller list in mid-August and Mr Hose said he had received positive feedback from chefs, including some that suggested it should become required reading for trainee chefs.

Asked whether being at the mercy of book reviewers filled him with dread or delight, he said: “I’ve done the best that I can with the book and there will always be conflicting opinions and ideas which is to be expected.

“There has been a great deal of thought and work that has gone into writing the book and hopefully people that read it will appreciate it. I love the fact that already it has helped kitchen staff to gain a better understanding of the vital role that their machines play in the overall guest experience.”

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