Ceda makes it easier for operators to find a kitchen house

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The trade body that represents the majority of the UK’s leading kitchen houses has rebuilt its website and made it easier for operators to locate members qualified to help with their commercial kitchen needs.

While familiar content from Ceda’s website can be accessed, a vast improvement in the aesthetics and functionality of the site has been implemented.

The front end of the website is designed to attract end-users, operators and customers to learn more about the work that ceda and its members do, as well as connecting them with members.

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But the biggest change is a more streamlined and user-friendly ‘Find A Specialist’ section. This is one of the most used functions of the website and has been given greater gravitas by making it the second navigation menu item.

Once on the page itself, the way members are searched for is more robust, and the results more specific. Sector, service, and region requirements are entered to bring users the most targeted results possible.

Ceda director general, Adam Mason, believes the revamp is more representative of Ceda’s future direction, particularly after its rebranding last year.

“We’re really pleased with the new site. It showcases the ceda brand, its members and partners, and what it means to be a Ceda member in 2018 and beyond. It will be an invaluable tool for members,” he said.

The new ceda branding takes centre stage on the new site. Part of this included coloured categories – design (green), equipment (red) and projects (orange) – which are implemented across the website.

Another highlight of the new website is the gallery, which Ceda hopes will act as a visual representation of impressive member projects to highlight successes.

Ceda’s members are responsible for some of the top kitchen projects in the UK and collectively boast a turnover of £500m.


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