Ceroffee coffee roaster

Brand/Supplier: PKL

UK launch: April 2016

The Ceroffee coffee roaster is a commercial appliance that uses ceramic heating technology and unique automatic roasting programs to give any food business the chance to roast coffee themselves, hassle free.

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The Ceroffee Coffee Roaster is designed to be admired — its distinctive and stunning appearance means it can sit front and centre in any business, allowing customers to see the roasting cycle unfold before their eyes.

The hopper, flowing into the roasting drum, the flat heating element and the wide cooling tray created a natural triangle, which inspired a look based on simple geometric shapes.

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Joe Peskett

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  1. Hello there, I read the article by you in the little Cafe Life /How to booklet- and a well written piece it was – The Ceroffee looks to have similar features to the Diedrich IR series of commercial roasters ; clever of you to get the UK distribution.
    I may be interested in retailing the machine to my customers- in Mid Staffordshire where I have a small direct to the end user business- what would the purchase price be ?
    Thanks, David Wiggins

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