CFSP Enhance Seminar examines issues facing kitchen operators

Ehnace seminar

The Certified Food Service Professional (CFSP) seminar will explore at the issues the foodservice supply chain are currently facing.

The seminar, led by foodservice consultant Doug Fryett, is set to deal with health and safety, legal requirements on gas and electricity, and food safety certification.

It will also cover areas of concern to both operators and suppliers, such as the difference between warranties and guarantees, understanding contracts and customer rights.

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While the seminar will address the industry’s biggest obstacles, it will also offer solutions to these issues.

Fryett will also give a short presentation on how CFSP graduates can mentor their work colleagues by delivering the new principles of foodservice programme, which is designed as an introduction for newcomers to the industry.

The seminar is part of the CFSP Enhance project and is open to anyone who has completed the Certified Food Service Professional accreditation programme.

It will also count towards increasing an individual’s CFSP rating to gold or platinum.

The seminar is taking place on 29 June, from 10.00 -16.00, at the First Choice Group conference facility, Cannock.

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