Chain linked to development of Synergy chargrill oven commits to order of 20 units

Richard Ebbs, director of commercial and marketing

An unnamed chain involved in the development of a chargrill oven by Synergy Grill Technology has committed to ordering at least 20 units, the company has revealed.

The oven has been conceived in great secrecy at the chain’s Cambridgeshire base, but it finally unveiled the design to the market at the HRC show yesterday and confirmed the unit is now in production.

“We have been testing it and trialling it for nearly a year now, so it has been around in concept for a little while,” director of commercial and marketing Richard Ebbs told FEJ.

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“A major chain approached us and wanted a replacement for a charcoal oven so that progressed the testing stage a little bit further. We have had it on trial in that chain – as well as a couple of other sites not connected to it – for two months now and they absolutely love it.”

Mr Ebbs (main image) said the chain in question approached Synergy for a solution to challenges they were having with their existing fleet of charcoal ovens.

“They had two members of staff that couldn’t use it because of asthma, they had an EHO come in and condemn it because of extraction issues – it was producing too much carbon monoxide when it fired up – and they had to leave the extraction on 24 hours a day. They were looking at Synergy Grill, but they wanted to have something with a closer flavour profile to a charcoal oven.”

The chargrill oven utilises the fat-atomising technology that Synergy’s regular chargrills are known for, but features a thermostatic control for enhanced temperature stability and an enclosed chamber that speeds up cooking times by as much as 50%.

Mr Ebbs said the unit would offer operators a greater choice of cooking options.

“One of the benefits of a chargrill oven as opposed to a chargrill is the fact that you can completely open up your menu, so you can cook things like pizzas in there, large joints of meat and even an entire roast chicken, which you can’t do on a chargrill. It means it becomes a more multi-faceted piece of equipment, which is always something we are looking at when it comes to launching any product within the range.”

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