‘Challenging’ London restaurant scene concerns Michelin star chef

Three Michelin star chef Anne-Sophie Pic has said she is “afraid” of opening her first London restaurant due to the “challenging” food scene.

In a report by the Evening Standard, Pic, who is set to open Le Dame de Pic London this month, was quoted as saying that she was “scared” of the burgeoning London restaurant market.

She told the Standard: “It is challenging for me to open a restaurant here. I am not afraid to say that to you. It is of course scary. It is comfortable for me to open a restaurant in the hotel. It’s not that it’s less risky, just a few more comforts.

“The scene, you see. There are so many choices, so much on offer. There are so many cultures, we don’t have that in France. That is very specific to London, that level of variety, multicultural cuisine. People’s minds are open, more than anywhere else.”

There was a massive 200 restaurant openings in London but also a sharp rise in closures. These have included the Truscott Arms, Piquet and Hibiscus in Mayfair.

Co-founder of Harden’s restaurants guide, Peter Harden, told the Standard: “Londoners are in a true golden age of dining out, as this year’s record openings show. But as many restaurateurs will tell you competition, heightened by the sheer weight of new restaurants, is increasing and starting to risk an oversupply, as shown by the rising number of closures.”

Le Dame de Pic London in Ten Trinity Square hotel will be a casual fine-dining restaurant where French cooking will be given a twist.




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