Checkit tips foodservice compliance market to be worth £200m

Checkit monitoring technology

Cambridge-based Checkit’s Work Management solution is one of the most significant product launches in parent company Elektron Group’s history, representing an investment in development to date of £2.3m.

But the company is convinced the technology will replace the widespread use of pen and paper among field staff to track compliance with internal protocols and external regulation.

Checkit believes that more than half a million foodservice sites in the UK alone could potentially benefit from its use, the vast majority of which currently rely on manual record keeping. And it estimates the market opportunity will exceed £200m per annum in the UK food industry alone.

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Currently, the industry faces a monumental challenge in monitoring staff and securely recording data from scheduled temperature, cleaning and health and safety checks. Recently-commissioned research indicates a key threat posed by compliance regulations, with more than 94% of respondents indicating that ‘having the right records to keep the EHO happy to retain our Hygiene Star Rating is vital.’

The common picture in the majority of the UK’s commercial kitchens is of multiple staff, all taking some responsibility for recording data. Some experience significant employee turnover. Of businesses surveyed, 79% agreed that they would like ‘a simple system that helped organise the schedule of checks and jobs between the staff and across both the day and week.’

“We recognise that there are increasingly complex challenges in food safety and business management and have developed a complete solution to address this situation,” says Dr. Martin Nash, product line manager at Checkit.

“By automating and standardising procedures, the new system guarantees that the correct measures have been taken whenever a food safety audit occurs.”

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