Chef falls into fryer after trying to clean extract canopy

An apprentice chef suffered severe scalding after falling into a deep fat fryer operating at around 180°C while cleaning the kitchen he was working in.  

The 18-year-old’s foot slipped into the fryer as he was attending to a section of the extract canopy at The Cross pub at Kenilworth, resulting in severe scalding and months of medical treatment.

The 3 A Pub Company Limited, which is the registered name of the business, pleaded guilty to a Section 2(1) offence, under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

The court heard that the accident occurred when the chef was using “long established cleaning practices” during a shift at the pub.

The 3 A Pub Company was found to have “fallen far short of industry standards” and was sentenced at Coventry Magistrates Court with a fine of £25,200.

The company was also ordered to pay £5,900 costs and a £170 victim surcharge.

Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for health and community protection councillor, Andrew Thompson, said the council takes the health and safety of all of its residents very seriously.

“We work closely with businesses to encourage the highest of standards. We will always take enforcement action against businesses who fail to comply with the safety standards required of them and as a result put the health and wellbeing of their employees or customers at risk.”


One Comment;

  1. Justin Cadbury said:

    What a terrible story for the poor chap. Equipment that reduces fat build up in ventilation/extractors should be again seriously looked at by specifiers…



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