Chef at top restaurant bans swearing in the kitchen

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A chef at one of the UK’s top restaurants has banned swearing in the kitchen, it has been revealed.

Asimakis Chaniotis, head chef at Pied à Terre in London, has introduced a “zero-tolerance policy” with written warnings for repeat offenders, according to Metro.

It said the restaurant used to be nicknamed ‘The Killing Fields’ because of its reputation for being one of the toughest places to work in the industry, but Mr Chaniotis is eager to change the environment for staff.

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“In some of the kitchens I’ve worked in chefs only lasted six months on account of the very aggressive atmosphere. I want it to become more nurturing and less aggressive,” he said.

David Moore, boss of the Michelin-starred French restaurant, has backed the clampdown on swearing, telling the newspaper: “I would have loved it if someone had done this earlier. Chefs can be quite angry. In hot, sweaty kitchens people blow up and say things they wouldn’t in an office or showroom. It’s the abused child striking out when they are older, or the bullied kid bullying.”

Mr Moore, who has appeared on the BBC’s Masterchef: The Professionals, and as an inspector in two series of The Restaurant, expects rivals to follow suit. “For an industry that’s facing a perfect storm with Brexit over recruitment and produce that’s becoming exponentially more expensive, we need to be nurturing to staff,” he said.

The paper said that even Gordon Ramsay, who was so famous for swearing he even had a TV show called The F Word, recently told fans he planned to tone down his more colourful language.

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