Chef who survived horrific fryer oil incident campaigns for change

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Oil management equipment provider Frontline International has partnered with Matthew Bowcott, a public speaker and kitchen accident survivor, to advocate an automated approach to cooking oil transfer to and from foodservice fryers.

Mr Bowcott will be at Frontline’s booth at the forthcoming industry trade show NAFEM in the US, where he will be talking about his experiences and answering questions about the fryer oil incident that almost killed him in 2001.

He was working in a restaurant kitchen when, during rushed closing procedures, he slipped on a slick floor and fell backwards while carrying a 10-gallon pot of 375°C waste fryer oil, which he had just drained into the vessel for disposal. The oil poured onto him and he suffered severe burns across 43% of his body.

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Because of the trauma to his body, the medical staff didn’t think Mr Bowcott would survive the night. Shortly after being admitted, he flat lined for two minutes.

Matthew Bowcott was carrying a 10-gallon pot of 375°C waste fryer oil when he slipped on wet ceramic tiles.

His story, including two videos produced to support his advocacy for worker awareness and improved cooking oil handling safety practice, can be found on Frontline International’s website here. (Warning: graphic descriptions/photos).

The foodservice industry experiences the highest number of burns of any employment sector. But knowing the statistics is often not enough to move the needle on restaurant safety. And Mr Bowcott hopes to change that through efforts like his partnership with Frontline International and his appearance at NAFEM.

His appearance with Frontline International will coincide with the company demonstrating how its cooking oil management equipment enables foodservice establishments to eliminate carrying, pouring, toting or touching oil.

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