Cinders Barbecues ready to market new wok burner following trial success

Cinders Barbecues StreetWok

Foodservice equipment manufacturer and supplier, Cinders Barbecues, is ready to push forward sales for its new wok burner following positive feedback from industry professionals.

Having trialled the StreetWok in 2018, the company is ready to roll out the new product after receiving praise from chefs Kwoklyn Wan, brother of Gok Wan, and Pauline Lai of the acclaimed Michael Wan’s Mandarin in Blackpool.

The company said: “StreetWok addresses issues that non-Chinese and even Chinese chefs have when cooking on Western stoves, which typically do not manage to pass enough heat to the wok in the way that purpose-built Chinese stoves can.”

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“It solves the other big issue related to cooking with a wok – the infernal ‘hot spot’ that can ruin the preparation of a dish.”

The StreetWok has been designed by Cinder’s research and development team, which has more than 35 years’ experiences combined, to create a product centred on reliability and longevity.

The company said that the British-made portable 17kg StreetWok LP20 is suitable for pub beer gardens and street food stallholders, is CE safety compliant and runs on LPG and measures H220mm x W340mm x D580mm.

It has a flower-head burner design, with this configuration comprising 16 patented, low-pressure burners that diffuse the ‘roar’ typically associated with wok burners, whilst spreading heat around the entire wok’s base.

This makes for a quieter customer experience and because of the method of heat distribution enables food to be cooked at a faster rate.

Mark Challinor, general manager at Cinders Barbecues, said: “Research organisation, Mintel, states that one in ten Brits eat Chinese food at least once a week, meaning the street food and pub customer demand for wok-cooked foods is potentially huge.

“The increasing sophistication of diners also gives even more reason for optimism, with authenticity being a key driver behind the decision on what to eat.

“Our StreetWok has been designed to create taste sensations in keeping with both Cantonese tradition and, increasingly, the regional cuisines that British street food visitors now crave, whether the dishes prepared are from China, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.  We believe it has a bright future in 2019.”

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