Cinders reports spike in orders as outside dining season springs to life

Cinders Barbecues

Cinders Barbecues has hailed its 30-year working relationship with Warrington-based 5 Star Catering Equipment Hire following a bumper summer so far.

The duo have cemented their partnership over the past few months, with Cinders supplying its ‘Classic’ models on hire for use at Glastonbury, Wimbledon, numerous festivals and at a weekend amateur football tournament.

As a hire company, it is essential for 5 Star to supply robust barbecue equipment that can cope with being trundled over fields, transported hundreds of miles, continually put up and down at events and asked to perform in most weather conditions.

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The firm believes Cinders ticks all boxes and is constructed from materials that should ensure longevity and resilience. The barbecue features patented technology that is designed to enable it to operate for long periods.

The unit functions after it is connected to an LPG canister and should warm up within minutes.

The Cinders barbecue has internal self-cleaning, which means food particles can be burnt off for a few minutes after service, with the residue then brushed off the grill or emptied out of the base.

Cinder Barbecues also feels it has an advantage as a British manufacturer.

5 Star director, Adrian Taylor, said: “Rather than trying to get instructions over the phone from other foreign manufacturers in China, I was invited to the Cinders Barbecues factory in High Bentham and shown the whole facility, learning so much about how the barbecues are built, how all the components work and the shortcuts that can be used to make life as simple as possible.

“It was absolutely brilliant and I came away with all the knowledge I needed, equipped to brief my customers in an expert fashion and make their lives easier.”

Cinders’ marketing director, Karen Swift, said the orders it has received from 5 Star are part of a wider trend as the al fresco dining season reaches a crescendo.

“Orders from those seeking to buy barbecues are also coming in from dealers, with this barbecue season being a later one than others, due to the poor weather to date. The beauty of a Cinders barbecue is that it takes just minutes to master and can be put up on an impromptu basis too, thanks to its almost instant heat-up, should a day turn out to be sunny.

“Pubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure venues and schools can pretty much unbox their barbecue, swiftly learn how to attach it to an LPG canister and start barbecuing very quickly.”

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