Classeq goes digital to eradicate confusion around warewashing

Warewashing manufacturer Classeq has backed up its recent launch of new warewashers with an interactive website and animated videos to make it easier for operators to choose the right machine and accessories.

The website has been configured for simple navigation and includes a ‘help me choose’ section, which covers ice machines, glass washers and dishwashers – including the recently-released Classeq undercounter range.

It has explanatory animations and video links that shed light on FAQs around subjects such as drain pumps, water softeners and chemical dosing.

It also seeks to answer operators’ questions on which electrical connections are needed to get the best performance from a machine, plus an explanation of why machines should be WRAS compliant.

Accompanied by videos (one for glasswashing and the other for dishwashing), Classeq says the entire site ‘holds the hand’ of the user and helps navigate through the process of what each site needs to consider.

Adam Lenton, marketing manager for Classeq, says the brand’s ethos is all about ‘adopting simplicity’ in cutting through the mire and debunking the confusion that can exist for users, both when they are looking to purchase a new machine and also in understanding how to get the most from it.

“We’ve listened to our end users, and what comes across loud and clear is a confusion around what features they need to look for. Our new digital platform is all about helping users understand how to cut through the complexity, which they can do with a few easy clicks.

“And, this also enables prospective customers to consider what is important when buying a machine as it’s easy to become seduced by advanced features and options that are rarely used correctly and can often over-complicate the operation of the machines, potentially leading to poor wash results.

“When purchasing capital equipment such as a warewasher, it’s not necessarily about cost – but it’s certainly about ‘value’.  And, that’s why our new digital approach is all about making it simple for purchasers to understand what is truly important”.




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