Clifton freezes prices for the whole of 2021 despite rising components costs

Clifton Food Range

British sous vide equipment manufacturer Clifton Food Range has announced a price freeze for the entire duration of 2021.

The company said that prices would stay as they are up until 31 December 2021 at the earliest.

The Somerset-based outfit has faced price increase in several components used in its range of water baths, but said it is determined to stand by the hospitality industry at such a critical time.

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“One thing our customers can be confident about is our endeavour to remain as competitive as possible and to provide top quality products at affordable prices,” said managing director Melvin Dickson.

Clifton’s range of water baths is ideal for all types of low temperature cooking. The sous vide technique involves ingredients being vacuum packed and then slowly cooked in water at an accurately-controlled temperature.

The exclusion of air in the vacuum bag greatly reduces the growth of aerobic bacteria, and this delays the contents from spoiling.

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