Coffee shop chains eye big ice cream margins from small footprint

Scott Duncan, sales director

Carpigiani has found a way of giving operators such as convenience stores, pastry shops and coffee shops a chance to make a margin from ice cream by creating a machine that measures just 300mm wide and works off a 13amp plug.

The manufacturer’s new 161 model is its narrowest yet and features air venting on the bottom rather than the side, meaning that it can be butted up against a wall or next to other equipment for operators that are short on space.

Scott Duncan, sales director at Carpigiani, said that operators that haven’t traditionally had room for any form of frozen dessert offering are showing a keen interest in the 161.

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“The key message for this model is that it’s ideal for anyone not serving ice cream at the moment that wants to menu extend, so add an ice cream or a frozen offer to their business – coffee shops and convenience stores, for example. We are talking to a couple of coffee shop chains at the moment that have shown an interest, both for soft ice cream and frozen yoghurt. It gives them a flexible option.”

Previously Carpigiani’s smallest machine was 500mm in width, but given that it also recommends a 100mm gap on either side for that models the 161 fits half the space.

Mr Duncan said that creating a self-pasteurising machine with a 13amp connection is a game-changer for the industry.

“There are three benefits for the self-pasteurisation. The first one is food safety because people know their product’s safe. The second one is labour saving, because rather than cleaning it twice a week you only need to clean it every six weeks. And the third is when you clean your machine you’ve got to throw the product away, so there is a product saving.”

The 161 will serve up a single flavour from the tank and is capable of delivering three portions a minute, or around 180 an hour. “We wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on Brighton seafront but as a menu extension you are going to be able to deliver soft ice cream, some shakes and frozen yoghurt,” added Mr Duncan.

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  1. I love the ease, quality and consistency of produce from a Carpigiani machine. Having recently opened a cafe, I am delighted they have created a machine perfect for the limited space I have available.

  2. I am not touching any product out of a machine that only gets cleaned every six weeks. Self pasteurizing or not.

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