Combi ovens allow growing bakery chain to put kitchens centre stage

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Unox ovens are taking centre stage in an ongoing programme of new openings from Gail’s Bakery, including its most recent site at Buckingham Palace Road, London.

A key part of the chain’s neighbourhood offer is allowing customers the opportunity to see and smell products being baked as they enter the store.

The Buckingham Palace Road branch, which opened this month, combines an open-plan layout with a Unox Bakertop Mind.Maps Plus combi oven located behind the counter, working throughout the day to bake pastries, breads and more.

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Brett Parker, property director at Gail’s, said: “While some brands took away their in-store baking, Gail’s places it at the heart of our customer experience. In fact, the first thing anybody sees when they come in is the kitchen and the Unox oven.

“As a customer, you can walk up to the counter of the bakery and see it all happen. You can see the sausage rolls, the croissants, the cinnamon buns being cooked and the bread rolls rising, then you can watch it come out of that oven, onto a tray and get carried onto the counter.

“There’s nothing better than seeing something cooked in front of you and handed to you still hot from the oven. This is one of our USPs. Customers are walking into a Gail’s and seeing these products being made inside a beautiful looking oven, right in front of them.”

Gail’s now has Unox equipment in 12 of its 68 bakeries and plans to continue adding its ovens to new bakeries, as well as existing ones when they need upgrading or replacing.

The Bakertop range includes pre-programmable control panels which can be set in advance and tailored to every individual menu item.

Intelligent Mind.Maps technology also enables Data Driven Cooking – collecting data, processing information, analysing the modes of use and giving kitchen staff the opportunity to produce daily reports for enhanced performance and efficiency.

New menu items, including seasonal items, can be programmed remotely and sent to all ovens across the estate, while data can be used to enhance performance and diagnose issues too.

All new Gail’s bakeries are equipped with either a 10-tray or 16-tray oven, or a combination of both, depending on space and required capacity – with consistent operation across both models for ease of use.

Mr Parker added: “Gail’s brings great food to communities and great spaces for them to be in. We were incredibly lucky that we were able to still provide our customers with Gail’s on the go throughout the lockdowns and it worked well that our stores are predominantly in neighbourhoods, where people were increasingly working from home.

“Our customers enjoyed the normality of going to Gail’s for a croissant and a loaf of fresh bread during lockdowns, but our focus has always been on getting people back in when we can. We built new bakeries during lockdown with seats and tables.”

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