Compact fryer filter delivers quick-fire results for operators

Vito Worldwide Partner Meeting

Oil filtration systems specialist Vito will be exhibiting at this month’s Restaurant Show, with its compact XS vacuum cooking oil filter among the key highlights. FEJ caught up with Vito director, Kim Addison, to find out why the system is punching well above its weight. 

How has the XS been received in the market since its launch?

The all new Vito XS has only just been launched worldwide in the last three or four months and so far it has been received incredibly well. Our tests carried out in the UK have been excellent. Along with our business partners in the USA and Canada, we have the toughest customers to please, so a ‘thumbs-up’ test in the UK was vital.

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How different is it from other solutions that Vito offers?

The XS brings a much more powerful vacuum suction to filtering, allowing it to remove more debris from the bottom of the deep fat fryer or fish range than ever before in an even quicker time. Our best result was to empty, clean and filter five fish and chip shop pans in under 20 minutes — needless to say our client was blown away. Another key benefit for us is that the new Vito XS can be used in solid or liquid fats due to its new in-built heater, which can melt blocks of fat and oil in 20 minutes.Vito XS

What is special about the XS and what do operators that have deployed it so far regard as the biggest benefits? 

The XS is more compact than its predecessors, making it much easier to store when not in use and transport around the kitchen to dispose of old oil. It can simply be stored under a catering bench out of the way until it is required.

What are your plans for developing the XS — are you targeting specific end-user categories?

As with all manufacturers, there is constant development of any product, adapting and upgrading or simply carrying out a few tweaks. Doing this will allow us to stay on top of any competition and continue as market leader.

The XS brings a much more powerful vacuum suction to filtering, allowing it to remove more debris from the bottom of the deep fat fryer than ever before in an even quicker time

You recently attended he Vito Worldwide Partner Meeting. What did you take away from that?

One thing that was made very clear to us is that Vito is a very progressive company and will continue to grow and produce products for our customers. Also, valuable information is collected about each country’s target market and the best way to sell into this. Vito UK learnt a lot from the USA as our markets are virtually mirrored. Additionally, we have an update now available on our most popular model, the Vito 80, which will be revealed at the Restaurant Show in London and the Fast Food Show at Donnington Park.

What direction do you see filtration technology evolving in future? 

There is the integration of fryer manufacturers building in filtration units to fryers, which we see as a positive step forward and this fact means there is a need for our product. Who knows, we may start making filtration for these manufacturers.

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