Compass Group urges restaurant tweaks for healthier offering

Compass healthy eating

Compass Group UK & Ireland has launched a new report outlining how using simple ‘nudges’ could help to guide people into making healthier choices.

The report, created in partnership with Footprint Intelligence, acknowledges that campaigns based on education and willpower are not always enough.

It highlights opportunities for the foodservice industry to use psychology and ‘nudges’ – gentle suggestions to encourage positive behavior, as tools to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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The ‘Designed with health in mind’ report pulls together five top ‘nudges’. These are:

  1. Redesign the menu – using layout and descriptions to highlight and draw attention to healthier choices; this includes using logos, icons, boxes and bold to draw the eye to healthier dishes.
  2. Change the food layout – altering the way food and drink are presented can ‘nudge’ people to healthier options; this includes reducing plate and glass size and adding half portions to the menu.
  3. Makeover restaurants and outlets – creating a healthier eating environment; this includes installing tables, rather than booths and bars where people tend to eat less healthily.
  4. Guiding food decisions – This includes making people feel good about themselves by creating positive associations with healthy food.
  5. Rethink what is on offer – Whilst recognising that indulgence and treats have their place, that there are opportunities to make the offer healthier generally, including reducing salt, fat and sugar whilst maintaining flavour.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve already accomplished in the area of health and wellbeing, but at Compass we recognise there’s still more to do,” said Dennis Hogan, managing director, Compass Group UK & Ireland.

“In commissioning this report we wanted to look at potential new ways we can help our consumers become healthier. This research provides a good basis for some simple but constructive changes that could have a positive impact for our customers and clients.”

Meanwhile, Charles Miers, CEO, Footprint Intelligence, added: “Footprint Intelligence aims to drive, promote and share best practice by helping the industry to answer some of the most pressing questions.

“The Designed with heath in mind report outlines how the foodservice industry can make subtle changes to alter people’s psychological approach to encourage healthier eating and drinking. We hope the five key actions will give businesses some simple steps that could make a real difference.”

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