Consultancy saves clients £750k by spotting discrepancies in catering contracts

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A facilities management consultancy claims to have saved its clients within sectors such as catering a massive £750,000 in the past year just from making sure that contractual terms and conditions are being adhered to.  

Litmus Partnership, which has more than 25 years’ experience in facilities management, said the savings were due to a “scrupulous monitoring” of outsourced services, enabling it to identify discrepancies in service billings that would have otherwise been paid.

Phil Silva, partner at Litmus Partnership, said: “Once a contractor is appointed – be it catering, cleaning, maintenance and so on – we often continue to work with organisations to manage the contract on an ongoing basis. As part of this, we help ensure the billings are accurate and that the costs are in line with what was agreed in the original contract.

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“Nine times out of 10, any potential discrepancies we find are verified and we’re assured all is in order. However, there are of course times when billings are incorrect and savings can add up to thousands, if not tens of thousands.”

Litmus works with businesses and organisations across various sectors including catering.

Mr Silva insisted the monitoring service “isn’t about finger pointing or catching contractors out – it’s about cultivating a long lasting and trusted relationship between both parties”.

“Being able to recognise discrepancies in billings and being able to identify possible errors comes with years of experience. As each contract and arrangement is unique, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ rule of thumb; but after specialising in this area for many years we know – quite quickly and easily – when costs aren’t aligning with the ‘norm’ and it’s at that point we delve deeper. It’s an area of expertise that many organisations and businesses don’t have in-house.”

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