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A Michelin starred chef turned consultant has developed an online kitchen management system designed to help operators run their kitchens on more financially efficient lines.

John Wood, who was also a 4AA Rosette chef, has spent three years creating the latest version of KitchenCUT, which uses a cloud-based platform to provide numerous benefits for commercial kitchens.

The suite allows for easy control of food costs, drastically reducing the amount spent on ingredients and the time spent on administration.

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Wood says that KitchenCUT has been shown to slash food costs by 5%, beverage costs by 3%, wastages and breakages by 50%, while producing efficiencies of 50% in routine tasks and paperwork.

The new system has additional benefits such as tagging allergens in any dish or drink, and providing nutritional content. Kitchen CUT tracks allergens from ingredients right through to dishes and menus, alerting chefs and front of house teams to dishes that contain allergens.

Wood has drawn on his experience from 35 years of working in the industry, including the US, Europe and the Middle East working with top hotels.

The multi-functional software provides an instant analysis of sales data tracking dishes and menus, suggesting prices and showing which dishes are the best performing, which need adapting, or which should be considered for removal.

It can advise on how to maintain a dish price even if ingredient costs change. It also keeps track of food wastage and looks after jobs such as stocktaking, automatically costing every item whether in the store, fridge or freezer.

Wood says the idea for the solution was borne out of his own experience managing kitchens. “I was frustrated at systems often used in hotels which had been built by tech people who had no knowledge of how a kitchen worked. I realised it could be done differently and better. Quite simply it makes the life of a chef easier.”

“Sadly it’s a sign of the times that businesses close as fast as they are opening, often because they failed to keep control of costs. The key factor in a business succeeding or failing is controlling these costs. “

KitchenCUT contains a ‘Group Network’ feature allows accounts to be linked by one central ‘HQ’ account offering an easy and insightful management system for use across large numbers of locations globally.

The system can be adapted for a single business such as a pub restaurant to a multi-chain hotel group and is adaptable for markets around the world.

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