Convotherm squeezes combi into smaller footprint for space-conscious operators

Convotherm Mini 1

Convotherm has rolled out a new generation of mini combi steamers aimed at establishments requiring a flexible cooking solution.

The new models feature two user-friendly interfaces – easyTouch and Standard – both surrounded by a sleek black control panel and metallic body. The revamped design also showcases a much larger, observation window making it easier for operators to check on the food cooking within the unit without having to open the oven door.

Convotherm insists the equipment will suit a range of foodservice operators, from cafes and bakeries to restaurants and cost sector catering set-ups, particularly those tight on space as it measures only 51.5cm wide.

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The system can roast, grill, steam, fry, bake and regenerate, providing operators with the opportunity to create an exceptionally versatile menu that can be achieved on a small footprint.

The large cooking chamber, meanwhile, ensures the Convotherm Minis are fully compatible with gastronorm trays so that operators can use existing cookware within the compact unit. A stacking feature allows operators to gain additional capacity without the need for any additional counter or floor space.

At the end of service, cleaning is facilitated by the ConvoClean system. Its fully automatic cleaning process, including optional cleaning settings such as the new Express Cleaning function which takes only 10 minutes, ensures equipment downtime is kept to a minimum.

Staff contact with cleaning chemicals is removed due to a new design whereby the detergent container is connected directly to the base of the combi steamer before ‘disappearing’ into the unit and dispensed automatically once a cleaning process is started.

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