Convotherm steams in to prevent cooking smells spoiling front-of-house kitchens

Convotherm Mini Condensation Hood Pro

Convotherm has launched a new oven that is designed to capture steam – both before and after the door of the combi oven is opened – through a combination of dual fan speeds, intelligent technology and hardware which work together to automatically capture condensation. 

The Mini Condensation Hood Pro could be useful for sites that are looking to place their combi oven front-of-house as it should help prevent cooking smells finding their way around the dining area and improve health and safety for staff.

Purported to feature minimal energy and noise levels, and efficient operation, the Mini Condensation Hood Pro is controlled directly through the Convotherm Mini Oven’s easyTouch operating system.

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Unlike many conventional extractors, the unit is said to be easy to maintain and clean, with the front grease filter able to be removed without the need for tools.

As well as being available with new combis, the Mini Condensation Hood Pro can be retrofitted for Convotherm Mini easyTouch models.

Steve Hemsil, sales director for the UK and Ireland at Welbilt, explained: “For caterers looking to ensure an optimal front-of-house environment, while at the same time benefiting from the tremendous flexibility of a Convotherm Mini combi, then the brand-new Mini Condensation Hood Pro is the option for them.

“By preventing steam from escaping both before and after the door is opened, Convotherm is not only able to eradicate the issue of steam entering the front-of-house area, but also help operators to maintain a pleasant climate at all times. This is thanks to the inclusion of an intelligently controlled, high-performance, front extractor which automatically extracts vapours even before the door of the oven is opened.”

The unit is 51.5cm wide and available in two finishes – stainless steel and matte black.

Convotherm refrains from hiking prices despite packing more features into mini ovens

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