Convotherm unveils free filter offer after BRITA tie-up

Convotherm 4

Manitowoc Foodservice has teamed up with BRITA Professional to ensure the water entering its Convotherm 4 combi steamers is of the highest quality.

The manufacturer said the agreement means it can now offer a BRITA filter with all Convotherm 4 models at no extra charge. The free offer is only available until the end of December 2015.

The use of water treatment in combi ovens is considered essential in order to get premium cooking results from an appliance and can help extend the life of the oven when maintained correctly. It also eradicates the threat of limescale build-up, which often isn’t discovered until too late.

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To ensure that operators get the most out of their new BRITA filter when purchasing a combi oven, Manitowoc has also launched FilterCare – the latest software release for the Convotherm 4 range of combi steamers.

It monitors the BRITA filter once connected and gives the operator a visual indication when the filter needs servicing on the Convotherm 4’s display panel so that no operator need forget to change the filter cartridge again.

When used in conjunction with FilterCare, the BRITA filter ensures that the combi steamer is always ready for optimum performance while taking away any room for operator water maintenance error and eliminates the need for costly tablets that are required on other brands.

Steve Hemsil, national sales manager distribution UK & Ireland at Manitowoc Foodservice, said that while combi steamers have revolutionised everyday life in the professional kitchen, the maintenance of such vital equipment often gets overlooked.

“This has prompted the partnership between Manitowoc Foodservice and BRITA Professional to provide a solution to the rising issue of combi steamer water quality and we are delighted to be able to offer the BRITA Water Treatment filter complete with the Filter Care option with our award winning Convotherm 4 combi steamers,” he said.

Operators purchasing a Convotherm 4 before the end of the year will receive either a BRITA 600 or 1200 filter, depending on the size of the oven being supplied.

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