Cook and hold oven a new string to Sous Vide Tools’ bow

Sous Vide Tools cook and hold oven

Sous Vide Tools has launched a cook and hold oven that it insists is the perfect solution for operators keen to keep food hot for extended periods without compromising on quality, flavour or texture.

The 1/1 GN oven is designed to hold meat and fish, as well as quick-fried and breaded dishes, at a serving temperature of 65°C – 75°C for three hours, or more if necessary. Not only does this mean flexible service times and less food wastage, it also allows the chef to cook slowly overnight, making use of cheaper night time tariffs, according to the company.

It says that meat held in the oven will be the same quality, if not better, than meat served directly from the grill because the precisely controlled temperature and humidity in the oven retains the moisture in the food, allowing the juices to settle within without burning or drying out. A temperature probe with +/- 2 °C sensitivity ensures that these optimum conditions are maintained.

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The cook and hold oven is ideal for à la carte service where meat and fish can be prepared well in advance of the arrival of guests. Once roasted, the food can be transferred to the holding oven and maintained in prime condition until service.

Alternatively, the push button oven can be manually set up for slow cooking, roasting at a very low and precise set temperature for many hours. This ensures perfect meat processing and minimal weight loss, while achieving savings through improved meat yield and reduced electricity consumption.

The portable unit, with side handles, is just 690mmD X 495mmW X 415mmH and sits on a counter top, holding three X 1/1 GN containers.  Stainless steel throughout, with rounded internal corners, it is durable and easy to clean, and comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty. Its list price is £1,200 plus VAT.

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