Could SWAT tech get catering equipment factories back on their feet more quickly?

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Technology that monitors how closely workers get to each other – and sends an alert if a safe distance is breached – could help catering equipment manufacturers get their operations up and running again if Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

Foodservice equipment manufacturers face the prospect of adapting to new safety issues moving forward, but innovative safety solutions have been developed to make the transition less complex.

Refrigerated display case maker ISA, for instance, has implemented a high-end Systems Workers Advance Tracing (SWAT) solution, which has allowed it to bring its workforce back into operation.

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SWAT works by monitoring workers’ positions, using an app and a tracker that clips on their clothing.  If they get too close to each other the device vibrates and sends an alert to a central computer.

Using a restroom presents obvious potential difficulties in terms of social distancing. But SWAT uses a traffic light system that shows green if a worker can enter and red if they need to wait their turn.

ISA products are distributed the UK by Taylor, and marketing manager David Rees said he expects more manufacturers to seek the benefits of new technology.

“What’s brilliant about the SWAT system is that the workers in the manufacturing facility say they feel safe – and I imagine they are delighted to be back at work.”

“If manufacturers want to stay in business, they will have to modify work patterns and bring in new safety procedures. Technology like SWAT is going to be a huge bonus as we adapt in order to survive.”

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