Coventry seminar tackles innovative food waste management

Food waste

Operators faced with the eternal headache of how to manage and dispose of their food waste effectively can hear what the experts advise at a seminar at Coventry University on 9 November.

The joint Centre for Business in Society (CBiS) and ESRC Festival event, ‘Innovation in Tackling Food Waste’, will promote the role of social science research in solving the food waste problem and help businesses address their food wastage.

The event will feature a number of presentations and an opportunity for discussion by showcasing recent research on understanding the causes of food waste as well as the reduction and prevention strategies of practitioners and social innovators.

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Catering businesses and the wider food industry have an increasing responsibility to manage their food waste in a sustainable way.

This event seeks to engage with industry wanting to alleviate the impact of food wastage and offers insights into causes and potential solutions.

Keynote speakers include Professor William Young, Leeds University; Sarah Bromley, research analyst, WRAP; Caitlin Shepard, co-founder and director of award winning food waste campaign ‘This is Rubbish’; Alice Codis, Food Surplus Entrepreneur Group; and, Tessa Cook from food sharing app OLIO.

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