Creeds paints the kitchen red with allergen rack covers

Rack covers red

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – and that’s never truer than when it comes to food allergies. So much so that one catering equipment supplier has launched a special range of red-coloured disposable rack covers.

The covers are designed to enable bakers and foodservice operators to identify them from the standard blue issue and maintain separation from allergen-free foods.

Creeds claims the covers are an “easy, low-cost way” to avoid one of the often-overlooked hazards of cross-contamination given the recent introduction of food allergen labelling legislation.

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As of December 2014, operators are required to show on demand any ingredients containing allergens or risk large fines, putting food handling practices under greater scrutiny than ever before.

Where allergen-free food is handled near a production area where food containing an allergen may be being prepared, such as gluten-free products alongside flour containing gluten, there is always a very real danger of cross-contamination.

However, Creeds insists its covers are ideal when delivering products on racks, moving between your production areas or when resting or proving products prior to baking.

They are also ideal for caterers and hotels where food may be plated up in advance of functions or high volume events, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination not only from allergens but also from general air-borne contaminants.

The covers are made of mixed density polyethylene and will fit over any rack to fit 30×18″ baking trays or smaller.

Creeds was originally founded as ‘Creeds Southern Ltd’, established in 1961 by a ‘Mr Creed’, as the commercial arm in the south of his factory, Creeds Northern, which manufactured stainless steel equipment. Today, Creeds operates entirely from new headquarters in Aylesbury.

It offers a range of heavy duty catering equipment, as well as food processing devices, planetary mixers and utensils.

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