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Cuppone, the masters of Italian excellence, used this year’s edition of HOST to once again set itself apart from the crowd with the launch of the latest addition to its product catalogue: the Leonardo modular hybrid oven. FEJ finds out more.

It was three brothers — Lorenzo, Luigi and Paolo Cuppone — who were to change the course of the pizza oven market forever when they got together in 1963 to form a business on the twin pillars of excellence and state-of-the-art construction.

More than half a century later, Cuppone is renowned by restaurant operators across the world for its quality and boasts an in-house R&D team that continuously strives to push the boundaries of what is possible for pizzaiolos.

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In 2009, the company built the world’s first electric oven with a rotating base, christened the Cuppone Giotto oven. Now, in 2019, the organisation has constructed a hybrid oven composed of a pizza module, a bakery module and a gastro module, named the Leonardo.

The Leonardo can be supplied with a variety of different single deck modules which can be mixed and matched according to the user’s requirements. The gastro module features a galvanised steel interior ideal for cooking meat, fish and vegetables; the pizza module contains a cordierite stone base perfect for producing a stone-baked pizza; and there is an option to add a programmable steam function for soft and shiny pastry products.

This unique variety of cooking module options enables the user to cook a diverse range of dishes simultaneously. And as the Leonardo carries the capabilities of three separate ovens in one, it is well suited to kitchens with a diverse menu seeking to maximise a limited footprint, as well as their budget.

“We were receiving a lot of requests for an oven dedicated not just to pizza but pastry, bakery and gastro cooking,” explains Federico Cuppone, managing director of Cuppone.

“Chefs want to be able to use their oven to cook pastries in the morning, bread throughout the day, as well as pizzas at night. We therefore dedicated ourselves to studying this concept for a number of years and have developed a hybrid oven that can cook pizza, pastry and bakery products simultaneously.”

The galvanised steel bakery module is supplied with an increased ceiling height of 25cm to accommodate the rise of bakery products.

It is designed to fit 400x600cm bakery trays, enabling operators to produce a high output of products and keep up with demand. A sleek touchscreen serves as the interface for users to control the Leonardo’s 100 individual cooking programmes.

Jenna Lewis, commercial director at LLK — which represents the Cuppone brand in the UK and offers a demo kitchen facility near Manchester where prospective customers can explore the range and attain expert advice — calls the Leonardo a “total game changer” for customers.

“Enabling kitchens to cook a multitude of products all in one place, with Cuppone’s world-renowned quality, the Leonardo modular hybrid oven allows kitchens to diversify their operation,” she said.

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