Deliveroo vows to save restaurants “millions of pounds” with new order technology

Deliveroo this morning announced that it is rolling out Point of Sale (POS) integration to restaurant partners in an effort to streamline the order process and help make delivery orders simpler for restaurant staff.

The measure will save restaurants “millions of pounds” by allowing them to concentrate staff resources on front-of-house operations, according to the company.

POS integration is a huge benefit for restaurants and one of the key asks from restaurants working in the delivery sector.

It means that orders are automatically uploaded into a restaurant’s sales system without manual input from staff. It makes the process smoother, cuts down on staff time required to complete orders, reduces errors, increases throughput and allows front-of-house staff to focus on in-house dining.

Deliveroo has enabled POS integration by creating a new API, available through a newly launched Deliveroo developer portal, that has allowed POS companies and restaurants to integrate with Deliveroo’s order system .

The Developer self-serve portal allows POS companies and restaurants to access, test and manage their integration with Deliveroo’s API themselves, so POS companies and tech savvy restaurants can integrate with Deliveroo directly in just 2 weeks.

Deliveroo has in recent months trialled the system with partners and claims the results have been “transformative”.

25 POS companies are already using Deliveroo’s API to power delivery orders in restaurants.

500 restaurant sites are already using integration and Deliveroo expects this to increase to thousands by the end of the year.

Initial tests show a dramatic cut in the order processing time from around two-and-a-half minutes to 30 seconds.

One major high street chain has said the efficiencies of allowing staff to concentrate on front-of-house, rather than order entry, will potentially save the restaurant chain hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mike Hudack, chief technology officer at Deliveroo, said: “Deliveroo is constantly innovating, looking for ways to help restaurants grow. Our partners have told us that integrating with their sales systems is a key way for Deliveroo to help make delivery easier for them and that’s why we’ve invested in making this happen.

“By doing this through an API we’ve made integration as straightforward as possible regardless of what kind of system a restaurant is using for point of sale. Cutting out needless time inputting orders into sales systems allows front of staff to focus on delivering an amazing dine in experience while boosting revenues and orders through delivery.”




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