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Diamant Pro

Welbilt is delighted to welcome the Diamant Pro to the Crem portfoilo– a beautifully crafted coffee machine which offers an unmatched espresso experience. 

Perfectly balancing state-of-the art technology and the finest espresso tradition, the new Diamant Pro is designed to meet the very highest barista standards.

This is achieved by the Diamant Pro’s pioneering Crem Tech system which both simplifies the coffee-making process whilst enhancing the coffee quality.

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Operators can also switch between traditional and barista operation modes by the simple touch of a screen, whilst OLED displays provide important information about extraction time, temperature and dosage. The machine – as an option – can also be operated through a wi-fi connection, thus adding to its 21st century appeal.

Pushing technology further, the Diamant Pro features a smart and convenient 3.5” display screen that informs the user about various aspects such as group over-use, group cleaning and SmartSteam functions.

The touch screen display also shows three levels of user settings – user/barista, technical and factory – meaning a barista of any skill-level is able to produce an exceptional cup of coffee with the Diamant Pro.

However, it’s not just the display that has been developed with the barista at the forefront, but the entire design of the Diamant Pro as Anders Bäckström, Field Marketing Manager for Crem UK & Ireland, goes on to explain:

“We are delighted to welcome the Diamant Pro to the Crem portfolio. This premium coffee machine truly puts the needs of the user first in every imaginable way: From the machines practical functions and features, such ergonomic steam levers and expert barista modes, to pioneering Crem Techtechnology, and small, yet important finishing touches such as barista lights and large cup holders, the Diamant Pro is a coffee machine that baristas will love. It simply excels on all fronts.”

Backed by a ‘tried and tested’ hydraulic system and impressive Diamant PID technology, the Diamant Pro is also able to regulate a constant extraction temperature for supreme in-cup coffee quality. In addition, the hot water tap can be adjusted to a specific temperature.

Complete with a strong, yet elegant aluminum body featuring clean lines and high-class design elements, the Diamant Pro is as visually impressive as it is practical.

For further information on Crem, please visit or call Welbilt UK on 01483 464900.

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