Domino’s bolsters for Brexit with £7m stockpile spend

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s has spent £7m on stockpiling its imported ingredients in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

The UK arm of the US firm alluded to the fact it had to be prepared for the Britain crashing out of the EU and, in an earnings statement made earlier this week, said a disorderly Brexit “carries the increased risk of disruption to raw material supplies.”

According to a CNN report, the company imports about a third of its supplies from outside Britain including tomato sauce, frozen chicken, pineapple and tuna.

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It comes after an increase in fear of a disorderly Brexit since Boris Johnson assumed office.

Domino’s detailed on Tuesday that it had spent the £7m to implement “a series of measures to minimize the impact of supply chain disruption” because “the probability of this risk has increased.”

It added that it expects “the increased inventory level related to Brexit to be maintained into 2020.”

Around two thirds of the produce it relies upon, including flour and cheese, originate in Britain.

Brexit uncertainty has also meant the likes of McDonalds and KFC have also warned of shortages and price hikes.

Business groups representing the food and beverage industry have cautioned that that shortages would be caused by disruption to supply chains and long lines at the border.

FEJ has reported on a number of firms struggling with post-Brexit preparations.

Most recently, Las Iguanas chief said Brexit forced him to ‘press pause’ on expansion.

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  1. Surely even in the event of a “so called” disorderly brexit. with the amount of raw ingredients we import, the rest of Europe will need to put some kind of trade deal in place as there own economies depend on it.

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