Domino’s replaces delivery staff with robots

Domino’s driverless vehicles

Domino’s Pizza UK today revealed its vision for a business where delivery staff are replaced by vehicles that drive themselves.

The company has already developed a prototype for the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicle, which it has code-named ‘the Domi-No-Driver’.

Domino’s states that patented driverless technology means the vehicle is able to “carry 400% more pizza thanks to 100% less driver”.

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When an order is placed, the customer’s location can be tracked by the Domi-No-Driver for the entirety of its journey via GPS — at home or on the go. This enables the on-board P.I. (Pizza Interface) system to calculate the most efficient route of delivery, Domino’s said today.

Whilst in motion, the Domi-No-Driver’s H.U.N.G.A.R. system (Hunger Detection And Ranging) will detect real time obstacles, ensuring maximum safety for road users.

Upon arrival at the delivery destination, the Domi-No-Driver will send a notification to the customer’s smartphone containing a unique passcode, which customers can input to access the Heatwave 2.0 order compartment and collect their pizza.

Simon Wallis, marketing director at Domino’s Pizza UK said: “While driverless vehicles once sounded like science fiction, it’s now within our grasp — and harnessing this innovation for pizza delivery opens up a new world of opportunities for us.

If this bold new vision of pizza delivery has whetted your appetite, we suggest you check today’s date before placing your order…

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