Dublin Airport £14k a year better off after aborting ‘irregular’ grease system

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport has overhauled the way it manages fats, oil and grease from restaurants operating on-site, saving itself more than €15,000 (£14,000) a year in the process.

Bosses sprung into action after operations and maintenance teams experienced major issues with the existing grease management system used to prevent FOG created in food preparation and cooking from entering and clogging the main drainage system.

The industrial-scale grease removal unit was in effect a series of units, but proved expensive to maintain and almost impossible to clean.

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The maintenance team spent several hours each week checking the units over, washing them down, and servicing them but their irregular structure and shape created many hard-to-reach areas, making a ‘deep clean’ all but impossible and causing lingering odours.

Issues with the units’ connection to the building management system meant that the operations team also had to make regular inspections. The annual cost of all the maintenance and manual checks, including spare parts, labour charges, water bills and electricity, was estimated at more than €15,000.

Dublin Airport brought in Kingspan to visit the site, audit the existing arrangements and offer its recommendations, leading to a detailed review in which they advised replacing the existing system with Smart Serv Grease units, which purport to capture 95% of all commercial kitchen grease waste.

The system’s simple construction includes no moving parts and gives ease of access for simple cleaning.

Sensors within the traps send early alerts to staff when they are close to full, giving them peace of mind that there will be no overflow of grease waste from the units.  Added to which, it’s a sealed unit, thereby preventing any smells from escaping.

Kingspan said that since the Smart Serv Grease was installed, the reduction in maintenance and saving in labour costs, plus other the savings, have delivered an annual cost reduction to the Dublin Airport team of more than €12,500 (€11,500).

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