Dutch equipment brand launches in UK as an ‘alternative to established kit providers’

Hendi UK launch

A European-wide foodservice equipment brand based in the Netherlands is looking to replicate the same success with UK operators as it has achieved with overseas caterers.

Hendi UK officially launched in the country yesterday and hopes its offering will be an appealing alternative to established suppliers of kitchen equipment.

The company, which has a global turnover of £100m, is centring its proposition on being able to offer operators a comprehensive solution made up of more than 4,000 products, including porcelain, cutlery, light and heavy duty equipment and refrigeration.

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Speaking at the official launch at the Dutch embassy in London, Alex Shannon, Hendi UK’s managing director, told FEJ that there has not been another brand in the marketplace which has done what the Dutch company is doing in a long time.

“We’re really plugging that gap and establishing the Hendi brand throughout different categories. A lot of companies come to market and bring in something like a Panini grill or a slicer, but we’re coming in with absolutely everything and that’s our unique proposition.”

hendi panini grill

Shannon hopes that the brand will be able to apply its model, which has been successful in countries across Europe, to the UK market. He envisages it taking a maximum of two years to fully establish the company among British foodservice operators.

“[Hendi] have just done the same in Greece,” he said. “They’ve partnered with people who they’ve worked with for a number of years and then just built on that. For example in Poland, they’ve been there six years and they turn over £30m now. It’s just taking the existing model and then duplicating it.”

Meanwhile, Hendi UK’s brand manager, Antony Ward, said that the supplier is looking to change the “status-quo in the UK light equipment market”.

“By supplying innovative products and new solutions that are not only closely tuned to their requirements in terms of quality, but are also more efficient, more hygienic and more affordable, we hope to give caterers in the UK a much needed and genuine alternative in the light equipment supply category.”

The company will be selling exclusively through dealer partners and it will offer training to end-users.

Shannon also revealed that within around a month Hendi will open a development kitchen close to Hyde Park where operators will be able to try out the kit for themselves.

Among the products Hendi will initially be trialling in the UK are professional coffee machines, fryers, buffet equipment, electrical and gas appliances, small kitchen appliances, grills, kitchenware, tableware and other front-of-house kit.

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  1. Best of luck to you and the Hendi UK / Soux Vide team Alex. The product offer is wide, I am sure there is room for another supply route of quality products into the UK market. After checking out the Hendi website, the range is extensive.

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