EcoWastemaster ups its commitment to delivering food waste savings

Food waste continues to be a hot topic in the industry and as a result, EcoWatermaster has upped its product innovation in a bid to further help operators deliver savings.

The EcoWastemaster aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a system that diverts perishable food waste away from landfill, incineration or being flushed into the sewer system.

EcoWastemaster has revealed that for every 500kg of food waste loaded into the system, it outputs 100kg of compost-like material.

This residual substance can then be used for fertiliser, animal feed or clean fuel for power generation through anaerobic digestion.

EcoWastemaster has offices in the UK, Australia and Japan and develops, supplies and manages environmentally beneficial on-site solutions with the objective to turn putrescible waste into reusable resources.

The company wants to support customers with process improvements to deliver savings in all aspects of organic waste management, and to reduce the overall impact of food waste disposal both on business and the environment.

The EcoWastemaster is intended for large catering institutions, hospitals and general hospitality providers.


One Comment;

  1. Steve said:

    Great product, saved our hotel money allowing us to pay for the monthly cost and still save money.



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