Electrolux avoids price hike after switching flagship refrigeration range to greener gas

Ecostore cabinet

Electrolux Professional has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by switching all new models in its flagship ecostore refrigerated cabinets range to R290 gas, at no added cost.

R290 is one of the most environmentally-friendly refrigerant gases, with a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP), and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Given its less-aggressive properties compared to traditional refrigerants used throughout the professional catering industry, it can also improve the overall operational life of the operating components within the unit.

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The move to R290 coincides with the wider global phase-out of high-GWP refrigerants, which will ultimately make the likes of R404A and R134A ineligible for use within the UK in years to come.

As such, Electrolux’s ecostore cabinets range will now be join the ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters, and all models in the Electrolux prostore refrigeration range, in exclusively using R290 throughout all new models.

The introduction of R290 is the latest development in the life-cycle in what is Electrolux Professional’s most efficient refrigeration range to date.

As well as being A-rated for energy efficiency under the European Commission’s Minimum Energy Performance standards (MEPs), the ecostore also employs cyclopentane as the foam insulating agent, which offers a further 20% energy savings compared to traditional insulating foams.

The full ecostore range also includes ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters, which can deliver further savings to caterers thanks to two innovative features which can reduce food spoilage.

The range’s Climate Class 5 rating ensures that any contents will remain at the same temperature, even in ambient temperatures reaching 40°C.

Additionally, the ecostoreHP’s Optiflow intelligent air circulation system will maintain a constant interior temperature inside the fridge, no matter how many times the door is opened and closed. The shape of the condenser in the ecostore cabinets has also been developed to minimise resistance in the passage of the air, reducing its depth to guarantee the best cooling results.

Steve Bowler, design and product manager at Electrolux Professional, said: “Refrigeration is one of the core functions that a professional kitchen could simply not operate without. Given it’s ‘always-on’ nature, associated utility bills can also quickly add-up. As such, sustainability has always been at the heart of the R&D process for our refrigeration product category, to ensure each model we bring to market is as sustainable as it can be.

“The introduction to R290 to our ecostore cabinets range – bringing it in line with all out prostore models – is the latest step on our sustainability journey. Not only will it help extend the operational life of the application-critical components within the unit, ensuring the unit’s performance will remain at the high level we expect, but R290’s enhanced environmental credentials will ensure our impact on the planet is kept to an absolute minimum.”

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