Electrolux hails energy labelling as ‘milestone’ for refrigeration industry

Electrolux Ecostore refrigeration

The boss of Electrolux Professional’s European refrigeration business has said the company “welcomes” an EU directive that will see commercial refrigeration cabinets graded by their energy efficiency from next year.

The first mandatory energy labelling for professional refrigerated storage cabinets and counters sold across Europe is due to come into force from July 2016.

And Massimiliano Falcioni, head of the refrigeration category at the manufacturer, is adamant it will lead to a stronger efficiency and performance guarantee for its customers.

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“This is a milestone in the professional industry,” he said. “The scale is based on criteria which are completely different from the ones used for the energy consumption labelling of household appliances. The machines are tested by recreating the real, heavy duty operating conditions within professional kitchens, with frequent cabinet’s door opening and closure at 40°C ambient temperature and 40% humidity.”

EU energy labelling follows years of discussions among refrigeration makers and EU policymakers to agree criteria for measuring energy efficiency.

The new legislation is designed to drive energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly business, as well as to provide an accurate and comparable classification based on energy consumption and the capability to perform efficiently within different environmental conditions.

Electrolux predicts that compliance with the new scheme will activate an upgrade to energy efficient and high performing equipment, delivering energy savings of up to €830 (£596) for freezers and €300 (£215) for refrigerators. These figures are based European Ecodesign directive data and obtained by comparing 500 litre Class G refrigerators and freezers with equivalent Class A cabinets.

Kitchens are also likely to see a reduction in food waste due to improved capability to properly preserve food items, Electrolux said.

Falcioni said Electrolux’s portfolio was well-placed to comply with the standards introduced next year. “Based on the EU energy label, the upcoming new generation of Electrolux Professional’s ecostore refrigeration already matches the requirements of top classes,” he commented.

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