Electrolux lays claim to most efficient refrigerated counters on the market

Electrolux Professional believes it has created the most efficient range of refrigerated counters on the market. 

The ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters, which was unveiled this week, raises the bar on refrigeration convenience, efficiency and storage capacity, according to the company.

Crucially, the new under-counter solution features the unique combination of both the highest climate class (5) and highest energy efficiency rating (A) on the market, which Electrolux says no other manufacturer can match at present.

And the three-door model has a 310 litre capacity, making it 50 litres larger than the industry average for that type, according to the brand.

As an appliance which is expected to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the counter’s A-rated energy efficiency has the potential to save around £410 per year. This calculation is  based on EU legislation labelling obtained by comparing class G refrigerated counters with equivalent in class A (with EU average energy cost of 0,21€/kWh and net volume of 310 litres).

The heavy duty range also includes a two- and four-door version, as well as two- and three-door freezer models. The freezer models have a B rating.

Electrolux said it will cease production of its existing heavy duty refrigerated counter line in mid-April, with a firm roll-out plan scheduled for the new EcostoreHP range to ensure immediate availability.

Bosses at the firm said the line would be “competitively priced” against other heavy duty models in the market and believe the quality of the product will help it gain exposure to new markets, such as full-service restaurants.

With variations in temperature the main cause of food spoilage in a professional kitchen, Electrolux said the new systems will include Optiflow intelligent air circulation system maintains a constant interior temperature no matter how many times the door is opened and closed.

Frontal ventilation, meanwhile, ensures counters can be located anywhere in the kitchen without the need for clearance space.

Finally for those kitchens needing a distinctive arrangement, Electrolux Professional’s new web-based configurator allows the investor to create their own bespoke refrigerated counter by choosing from thousands of possible configurations.

Steve Bowler, category manager at Electrolux Professional UK, said: “We are delighted to have been able to pioneer a genuine industry first with the successful combination of the highest climate class rating of 5 and A-rated energy efficiency. This is fully aligned with one of Electrolux Group’s most ambitious sustainability targets: to become a leader for product efficiency in the key markets by 2020.”




  1. Karl Hodgson said:

    Good story.. but I feel Adande have the most efficient energy counter and undercounter..in the current market place, we have an A+ range that has gone through the class 5 testing classification.
    The A+ range only uses 239kwh/annum = £239 per year on 10p per Kw. We also have a number of products in the EU top ten of commercial refrigeration.

  2. Darren Lockley said:

    This is correct, Adande are in energy class A+, but on the other hand we are comparing products with completely different capacity. Our figures relate to the Electrolux refrigerated counter ecostoreHP, 3 doors , which has 310 litres. The Electrolux product uses 560 kW to cool 310 litres of food, whereas other models on the market would need more units with overall larger energy consumption.



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