Electrolux Professional raises the bar on refrigeration convenience and storage

Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional continues to raise the bar on refrigeration convenience, efficiency and storage capacity, with its ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters among its flagship product offering.

The new undercounter solution boasts the unique combination of both the highest climate class and highest energy efficiency rating on the market. This makes it the ideal option for the growing number of professional kitchen operators looking for a refrigeration solution that is as kind to the environment as it is to their energy bills.

With variations in temperature the main cause of food spoilage in a professional kitchen, Electrolux’s Optiflow intelligent air circulation system maintains a constant interior temperature no matter how many times the door is opened and closed. Better still, 50 litres greater storage capacity than the industry average and climate classification of 5 guarantee ensure it is suitable for every operation.

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The reliability of each ecostoreHP counter is matched by the speed and ease of installation. Thanks to frontal ventilation, each counter can be located anywhere in the kitchen without the need for clearance space.

Finally, for those kitchens needing a distinctive arrangement, Electrolux’s web-based configurator allows operators to create their own bespoke counter by choosing from thousands of possible configurations.

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