Electrolux Professional TRS 600469 Vegetable Slicer

Electrolux Professional TRS 600469 vegetable slicer

The TRS Vegetable Slicer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that Electrolux offers and is capable of different types of slicing, grating, chopping, dicing, chipping and shredding.

Both its interchangeable cutting discs and hopper are made from stainless steel, meaning that all parts in contact with food are completely dishwasher safe.

With so much flexibility, kitchen staff can save bags of time and manpower, making a noticeable difference to any catering operation that faces a race against the clock to be ready for service.

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Ideal for: Light catering equipment has long been associated with the cost sector, but it isn’t just the likes of schools and care homes that can reap the benefits, especially now many kitchens are embracing fresh produce and therefore require bulk preparation. The TRS can help kitchens of any type including hotels, restaurants and contract caterers achieve the quality results they demand in the limited time they have available.

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