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Meiko UK has launched a 7-point hygiene checklist to restarting the dishwasher for customers in the UK.

Including checks for Legionnaire’s disease, the hygiene checklist covers all the steps needed for safe start-up.

“Dishwashers may have not been used for months and there is a risk that some will still be full with stagnant water,” said Dave Kemp, UK technical services director at Meiko UK.

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“Heat pumps on any dishwasher can act as a reservoir for disease, so it is vital that caterers check their machines now, before opening.”

Provided the machine has been drained and flushed regularly during lockdown, this is Meiko’s recommended procedure for restarting:

1. Clean and sanitise surfaces, including walls and floors and the exterior of the dishwasher and other kitchen equipment.

2. Check the condition of electric cables and hoses, to make sure nothing is worn or has worked loose. Replace and repair as necessary before moving on.

3. Check the dishwash interior and, if possible, the heat pump system if there is one, to make sure there that water has not accumulated, is not stagnant or an unusual colour, especially red or green. If the dishwasher does not pass this basic check, call for an engineer immediately.

4. Check water softener if you have one; check chemicals and top up as necessary; remove wash arms and filters, rinse and make sure nothing is blocked and filter screens are sound; and replace in the machine.

5. Assuming all is OK, check that the power and water services are now turned on and give the dishwasher a run through when empty; first on a short programme to give everything a flush, then on the longest and hottest programme you have.

6. Push buttons and opening mechanisms may be stiff and reluctant to move. Thoroughly clean around the area and try again. If the buttons or doors still do not move, forcing them could cause damage, so call an engineer.

7. Temperature check: Note the temperatures of the wash and rinse cycles and record for future reference

– Wash temperatures on Meiko dishwashers should be a minimum of: 55°C-65°C

– Rinse temperatures on Meiko dishwashers should be a minimum of: 82°C

– Wash temperatures on Meiko glasswashers should be a minimum of: 55°C-65°C

– Rinse temperatures on Meiko glasswashers should be a minimum of: 65°C

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