Equipment industry has the tools to stop the crying over frying


Soaring cooking oil prices are leading operators to look at solutions which can help offset the higher prices they face, equipment experts say.  

Global cooking oil prices have been rising rapidly since the Covid-19 pandemic, but shot to a new peak following Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

Klipspringer, the supplier of catering and compliance products for hospitality businesses, said unprecedented price rises across the board posed a “huge problem” for kitchens, with the cost of oil among the areas to bite hardest.

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Managing director, Murray Carlyon, said: “Food oil is one of the biggest kitchen consumables and we’re seeing operators faced with price increases by as much as 30%. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has uplifted demand for Klipspringer’s food oil monitor, a digital device which gives an accurate measurement of oil quality, resulting in reductions in oil use of up to 52% per restaurant.”

Mr Carylon said the food oil monitor is currently used in the kitchens of some of the UK’s largest high street names, but he thinks more hospitality businesses could benefit.

“Although already employed by large chains such as Whitbread, McDonald’s and Five Guys, it has still not yet been adopted across the wider foodservice industry.

“With such significant savings to be had, especially in chains with tens or hundreds of outlets, we believe this device has the potential to be a firm game-changer in cost-effective and sustainable oil management for kitchens.”

Fryer suppliers, meanwhile, are advocating the use of the latest generation of systems that boast advanced capabilities in terms of oil management.

Michael Eyre, product director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions, which supplies Henny Penny fryers, said that as energy and oil prices soar to new heights, oil management and utilising the latest fryer technology “has never been more crucial”.

“To put this statement into perspective, average energy prices have increased by a massive 95% in the latest hike, while oil prices continue to climb upwards every month – increases which will of course be detrimental to the financial running of many foodservice businesses. As such, it is paramount that businesses take action and re-evaluate their frying operation.”

Mr Eyre said that Henny Penny‘s Evolution Elite open fryers are designed to significantly reduce oil consumption by up to 40%, with functions such as an idle mode helping to regulate usage during periods between peak and off-peak flow.

“By using less oil – and thus less energy required for heating – with more frequent filtration and auto top-up, these revolutionary fryers can help operators save thousands of pounds on oil costs,” he said.

Valentine Equipment, the Swiss fryer maker, recently expanded its UK portfolio with the inclusion of the new Vito VL – the largest model in the oil filtration brand’s portable range.

It can filter up to 100 litres of oil per minute, with a quick four-minute cycle significantly extending the lifespan of oil, according to Valentine sales director Steve Elliott.

“The Vito VL can be placed directly into hot oil and, after just a few minutes, allows an operator to continue cooking in clean, freshly filtered oil. It delivers oil savings of up to 50% per year, and also helps to improve both the quality of fried foods and general safety in a busy kitchen.”

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