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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Why Monika feels at home in this bold new era of the connected kitchen

INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Why Monika feels at home in this bold new era of the connected kitchen

Monika has been providing technology-based food safety solutions for 30 years – executive chairman Tim Gamble gives his account of the journey that has taken the company to where it is today

INTERVIEW: Testo’s Warren Mansfield-Smith on why restaurant chains can’t afford to neglect kitchen due diligence

Food safety is imperative for all restaurant chains, but the good news is that operators no longer have to get bogged down in piles of paperwork. Hampshire-based Testo Limited, which has been operating for 30 years as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG, is one of the leading instrumentation makers driving change in this area

MARKET REPORT: Suppliers reveal what chefs really expect from their cooking suites this year

If you calculate the cost of the average restaurant kitchen, you generally find that the largest investment by some distance is the cooking suite. For most businesses it’s the heartbeat of the operation and therefore any decision that is taken on the choice of brand and specification tends to be carefully considered, with longevity firmly

MARKET REPORT: Why the key to the perfect pizza is the right oven

People love pizza. Whether it’s crispy, authentic Neapolitan, American deep-pan or thin base, the demand for the Italian food stuff has always been high and it’s certainly not looking like that will change. The key to perfect pizza and, by extension happy customers, is the right pizza oven. But with so many options to choose

SPECIAL REPORT: Why fire suppression systems are the kitchen insurance policy you dare not ignore

More than half of restaurant fires start in the kitchen and many of these force operators to close their business for good. FEJ hears why fire suppression systems are the proactive insurance policy that the whole industry needs. Foodservice operators might be guilty of viewing kitchen fire suppression systems as a grudge purchase, but anybody

Industry Q&A: The key to the right coldroom

Do you regard coldrooms as little more than large refrigerated storage spaces that don’t really vary by supplier? If so, you could be specifying the wrong solution entirely and driving up operational costs in the process. James Connolly, business development manager at Celltherm Coldrooms, reveals how operators can sort the coldroom wheat from the chaff.