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EDITOR’S VIEW: Global chains want their kitchen services streamlined – and it’s forcing suppliers to behave differently

The first thing I did when I heard that Middleby Corporation was buying one of the largest kitchen dealers in the US last month was check to see how the news had been reported in its homeland. I can’t say I was surprised when I saw that the country’s most renowned industry trade publication had

OPINION: Kitchen design and the great grease trap dilemma

During the design of a commercial kitchen, with today’s regulations and enforcement challenges that owners face, getting the correct information in regard to the design of a kitchen is a significant challenge, writes William Clark, director of Aluline. Good business practice would be to contract a good professional consultant. This will ensure all the current

OPINION: Time to get tough on kitchen ventilation

The reclassification of kitchen extract systems could result in more robust cleaning and maintenance procedures that would better protect those at the culinary coal face, writes Paul Downing, technical consultant for the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Kitchen extract ventilation should be re-classified as ‘Local Exhaust Ventilation’ (LEV) to protect catering staff from growing threats