‘Breakthrough’ device turns coffee equipment into info-rich database

Visacrem espresso machine

Visacrem has launched a revolutionary machine to machine (M2M) system that remotely collects and provides real-time operations data from its espresso machines.

The breakthrough technology provides information to companies which own or manage Visacrem espresso machines, enabling them to improve service, analyse their markets and fine-tune business strategies.

On a daily basis, the M2M system provides invaluable data such as the number of coffee cycles performed and advises when to undertake preventative maintenance in addition to other technical information. For other sales channels such as machine rentals, the possibility to disable the coffee preparation function is provided.

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This innovation is possible due to GSM technology; a SIM card installed on the electronic board of each machine transmits the information to a data centre. The information is then made available to the machine owner through any internet-connected device, whether a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

Alan Cooper of Visacrem UK said: “Its appeal lies in the wealth of data it can feed back to businesses; everything from maintenance and systems management to daily throughput. M2M will allow a move towards proactive maintenance of machines as an engineer can be sent out to fix a problem on site before operators have even realised there’s an issue, plus a real benefit is its capacity to track sales, allowing the user to collect accurate accounting information and monitor regional marketing and sales campaigns.”

M2M will be available as a factory mounted option on selected Visacrem espresso machines. For machines already installed, the company will offer a retrofit kit that will extend the new functionality to equipment made since the year 2000.

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