EXCLUSIVE: Falcon launches first ever ‘open platform’ connected kitchen solution

Falcon Connected Kitchen

Falcon Foodservice Equipment will this week formally launch what it believes is the industry’s “first genuine connected kitchen solution”.

One of the biggest frustrations for operators using connected equipment has been the inability of systems from different manufacturers to “talk” to each other, but Falcon says it has found a way to ensure users can access all the information they need through one interface.

The manufacturer has partnered with Oxfordshire-based equipment monitoring firm KoolZone and is using its specialist sensors as the basis for its ‘Falcon Connected Kitchen’ concept.

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Operators will be able to connect any appliance to the Falcon Connected Kitchen in the knowledge that they all share the same platform and dashboard.

The Falcon Connected Kitchen monitors temperature and operation, sends alarms and reminders, collects information such as energy use and records HACCP data.

The system can be monitored remotely, allowing the kitchen brigade to get on with preparing and cooking top quality food.

Crucially, says Falcon, it is not limited to its own equipment – the system can be fitted to appliances from any manufacturer.

“This is a step change for kitchens,” said Lawrence Hughes, sales and marketing director at Falcon.

“Connectivity is the future – what operators don’t want is to be having to use different platforms, one for each manufacturer. Operators need a single platform where they can monitor all their appliances. And that’s what the Falcon Connected Kitchen delivers.

“We believe that the Falcon Connected Kitchen is the first genuine connected kitchen solution, since it allows any product or device in the kitchen to be connected to a single platform, viewable on any PC or mobile device.

“For example, in our development kitchen we’ve used the system to simultaneously monitor a Williams blast chiller and fridge, a dishwasher, a Lainox combination oven, plus Falcon prime cooking appliances and the kitchen’s power supply.”

KoolZone was founded in 2015, initially to focus on monitoring refrigeration temperatures as a disruptor to the manually intensive practices employed by the food sector to meet food safety standards.

However, it soon became apparent that MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) using plug-and-play long-range wireless technology was the key to safety, compliance, and cost reduction across a wide range of industries.

The company’s managing director, Steve Miller, said the work it has done with Falcon will have significant benefits for kitchens.

“Kudos to Falcon for taking this ‘open platform’ approach to the connected kitchen. By allowing operators to connect any brand of appliance to the system, they are making connectivity much more accessible, cost-effective and efficient,” he said.

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