EXCLUSIVE: Flexible kitchen configurations could unlock new growth for Deliveroo Editions

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Deliveroo Editions will consider exploring new kitchen configurations for restaurants that use its infrastructure if it deems that more flexibility on the cookline would be good for business.

The company has transformed the food delivery market with its network of off-site delivery kitchens, which allow restaurants to serve customers in areas where they either don’t have a physical presence or have no desire to open a branch.

There are currently 16 Editions hubs across the UK, with between six and 10 modular kitchen spaces in each one.

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Nigel Rivers, general manager of site operations at Deliveroo Editions – whose role encompasses kitchen layout, procurement and new openings – said that while there are variations in the size of the kitchens, it would not be inconceivable for them to take on a different look in future as the market itself evolves.

“We have typically looked at a pod-shaped kitchen, so approximately 18 or 19 square metres, and we may look at slightly different shaped kitchens which can offer some flexibility on the cookline to give us different options, particularly where some of the restaurant brands are looking to do more than one brand,” he explained. “Having a more flexible kitchen space might be a way that we can help them achieve that.”

Asked if it is something that Deliveroo Editions has a programme in place for, he replied: “We have looked at a couple of options in other markets and we have one or two sites which we opened early in the growth of Editions which we are looking at again to see how we can optimise the success of the area.

“We want to make sure that [restaurant partners] get best use of that because this really is about speed when they are very busy. That is what we are looking to optimise.”

Deliveroo Editions launched in April 2017 and created its super kitchens to enable restaurants to expand without the need for upfront capital to invest in bricks-and-mortar sites.

It uses its customer data to identify cuisine gaps in neighbourhoods and then fills this supply gap with their partner restaurants.

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