EXCLUSIVE: Inventor of patented catering device eyes global sales and distribution partner

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The inventor of a protective cover to prevent the contamination of castor wheels in professional kitchen environments is looking for an organisation capable of manufacturing, distributing and selling the product globally.

Nick Davis has gained multiple patents for the device, which solves a need for any organisation that utilises castor-mounted units in hygiene and cleanroom areas.

He claims an independent market review forecasts potential sales of 94 billion units worldwide and is offering an exclusive global licence agreement to manufacture and market the product.

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Mr Davis told FEJ that the opportunity for the product originated from a change in hygiene and cleanroom design philosophy.

“When I first started in catering 35 years ago, kitchens and cleanrooms had tiled or painted concrete floors, tiled walls and the equipment was on legs and fixed in place. Due to advances in materials technology and hygiene and cleanroom requirements in the last 15 years, floors are now made from fitted impervious membrane sheets, the walls are either lined with stainless steel or polycarbonate sheets and all the equipment is on castor wheels to facilitate the easy cleaning of the whole area, including walk-in fridges, freezers and storage.”

Due to the hygiene issues of dirty wheels, he came up with the idea for a silicon rubber castor wheel cover that can fit any size. A clamshell-like sealing mechanism allows full functionality of the wheel in both axis and the brake to be applied or released with the cover in place.

“At the end of a shift, or in the event of contamination, the end-user can easily remove the cover, put it through a dishwasher or Autoclave, and replace the cover. It means no more contaminated castor wheels and solves a need for any organisation that utilises castor-mounted units in hygiene and cleanroom areas.” 

Mr Davis admits he was surprised to learn that he was the first person to come up with the idea when undertaking a patent search.

He currently owns the UK patent and has multiple patent protections in other overseas jurisdictions including the EU, USA, China, South Korea and Japan.

He said: “The cover is now a completed project designed for a cost-effective manufacturing process with a marketing programme, with a motivated sales force and a resilient client base. Given potential licensees current business profile the only capital investment would be the tooling costs and the cover is designed for a one step fully automated manufacturing process to save on those costs.”

Parties interested in working with Mr Davis can contact him at:

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